Outlines the importance parents play in the development of self-esteem and resilience in teenagers. Also demonstrates the relationship between self-esteem and resilience.

Chapter 1. Understanding Self-Esteem

An overview of what self-esteem is. Describes how self-esteem is formed in individuals and how it impacts on various aspects of person’s life.

Chapter 2. Self-esteem & Adolescence

A look at how the process of adolescence impacts a person’s self-esteem. This chapter examines the main challenges the teenage years present to self-esteem and how the outcomes can be different between males and females.

Chapter 3. Monitoring Your Teen’s Self-Esteem

Provides a guide about what to look for when evaluating your teenager’s self-esteem.

Chapter 4. Parents, Relationships, & Self-Esteem

A detailed breakdown of how various relationships affect teenage self-esteem and what parents can do to help teenagers manage those relationships.

Chapter 5. Creating ‘Healthy Homes’

What parents can do to make their home a place where teenager’s gain confidence about who they are and what they can achieve.

Chapter 6. Parenting Practices To Avoid

Identifies common parenting practices that can damage teenage self-esteem and discusses how to avoid these behaviours.

Chapter 7. Building Resilience

An overview of what resilience is and how it develops during the teenage years. This chapter focuses on what parents can do to help teen’s develop resilience.

Chapter 8. The Shape of Resilient Teenagers

A review of what resilient teenagers have in common and how to be proactive in providing these for your teenager.

Chapter 9. How Parents Undermine Resilience

Identifies common parenting practices that hinder the development of resilience in teenagers.

Chapter 10. Digging DEEPER: Learning Resilience

Provides a detailed step-by-step method for teaching teens the skills and attitudes required to become more resilient.

Chapter 11. What to Do When…

Applies the strategies and methods in the book to common issues many teenagers face today.

Chapter 12. Where to From Here?

Provides some guidance on moving forward and maintaining momentum in the parenting for resilience journey