Is your teenager lacking the self-esteem and confidence to get the most out of life?

Stop worrying about your teenager, and start equipping them to tackle life’s challenges head on.

Youth expert Chris Hudson M.Ed, outlines how you can help your teen build their self-esteem and develop the character to bounce back from anything life throws at them. Written specifically for parents of teens Raising Resilient Teenagers’ provides a reliable, practical guide to improving your teenagers confidence and self-belief.

In Chris’ new eBook you will discover;

  • How to improve your teenagers self-esteem through simple parenting techniques

  • What your teenager needs from you to have the confidence to tackle life’s challenges

  • What resilient teenagers have in common and how to share them with your teenager

  • How parents undermine their teenager’s self-esteem and resilience – and think they are doing the right thing!

Chris shares with you insights gained from over 10 years experience working with youth and their parents. Knowing the anxiety and helplessness many parents feel when their children suffer from low self-esteem, Chris has written Raising Resilient Teenagers as a resource for empowering parents to actively help their teens.

Do any of these sound like your teenager?

  • Always talking negatively about themselves

  • Struggles to maintain friendships

  • Can’t solve their own problems

  • Falls apart at the slightest setback

  • Lacks confidence to embrace new opportunities


The good news is you can help them.

If your teen is struggling with self-esteem or resilience issues, don’t just sit there and watch on hoping things will get better. There are steps you can take today to start restoring your teenager’s self-esteem and building their resilience.

Raising Resilient Teenagers shows you how to launch your teenager into life with confidence. Learn how you can enhance your parenting to instill confidence and resilience in your teenager. This book teaches you to be your teen’s resilience coach!

Raising Resilient Teenagers provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to:

  • Create a home environment that builds your teenager’s confidence and self-worth

  • Help your teen manage the key relationships in their life

  • Eliminate those parenting habits that inhibit your teen’s resilience

  • Equip your teenager with a step-by-step method of managing their problems and challenges

Teaching your teenager the keys to Resilience will benefit them for the rest of their life. By developing the skills and attitudes necessary to handle whatever challenge may confront them, your teenager will be empowered to live their potential.

So you, and your teenager, get the most out of the book Chris has written a Parent Workbook to accompany Raising Resilient Teenagers.

FREE Parent Workbook

Raising Resilient Teenagers comes with a Free Parent Workbook; making it more like a home study course than an eBook.

Using the Parent Workbook enables you to zero in on the areas you need to work on with your teen. Each chapter of the eBook has a corresponding chapter in the Workbook with questions and exercises to help you apply what you are learning to you and your teenager.

The Parent Workbook comes as PDF file and is designed to make printing out the tools and questionnaires quick and easy.

If you are a parent looking to help your teenager become more satisfied and confident with who they are then these books are for you. You don’t have to watch on from the sidelines just ‘hoping’ your teenager will learn to bounce back from life’s challenges, or ‘wishing’ they would start to see themselves as valuable and worthwhile. You can change their life for the better, and you can start today.

Raising Resilient Teenagers gives you the tools to empower your teenager with the attitude and skills they need to get the most out of life!

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