Chris Hudson, M.Ed., is a trainer, speaker and coach who specialises in helping adults connect with teenagers. An Australian based youth expert, Chris’ passion is for adults to discover the life defining impact they can have on the teenagers in their lives.

A professional youth worker for 10 years, Chris has witnessed the profound difference an adult can make in a teenager’s life. When a teenager has adults who relate confidently and communicate clearly, their chances of finding happiness and purpose are significantly increased.

With a Masters degree in Education, and years of educating and training others, Chris delivers insights that are engaging and especially relevant for today. Through his speaking, seminars, writing and personal coaching, Chris shares his expertise with parents, youth workers, and educators empowering them to relate more effectively with teenagers.

Chris has worked with parents, schools, and churches from around Australia. His popular blog ‘Understanding Teenagers’ is accessed by thousands of people every week for information on living and working with teenagers.